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There are eleven people in our section and you can read a little about each one below. We are the members, authors and designers of this wiki and if you want to contact us you can by using the email addresses below.

My Name My Picture About Me My Role My email
I'm Abdalla and I'm 21 years old. I live in Sharjah and my favourite hobby is football. In the future I want to work in the airport. member & author ea.ca.tch|41655000h#ea.ca.tch|41655000h
In my free time I like to go to see my nephew and I normally play football with him every weekend. I want to get a good job in ADNOC this is why I study engineering member & author ea.ca.tch|44705000h#ea.ca.tch|44705000h
I live in Sharjah and I like upgrading cars and racing them. Also, I like designing cars to make them look cool. In the future, I want to have my own business. member & author ea.ca.tch|37405000h#ea.ca.tch|37405000h
I'm Essa Saeed and I live in Ajman, but I was born in Al Ain the same city as Sheikh Zayed. Now, I work in a bank, but I want to work as an engineer in SEWA or Emirates Airline. member & author ea.ca.tch|05975000h#ea.ca.tch|05975000h
I'm Jabir Al Hammadi and I was born and live in Sharjah. My favourite hobby is football and I like my major in the college and I want to work in engineering in the future, in a company like ADNOC. member, designer & author ea.ca.tch|82405000h#ea.ca.tch|82405000h
I'm 20 years old and I live in Al Shaba. My interest includes repairing cars and working with electronic equipment. My English is good because I studied at an international school and I'm never afraid to speak to anyone in English - this is my secret to English success. I'm very interested in technology and I'm an administrator of this wiki. member, author & administrator ea.ca.tch|48765000h#ea.ca.tch|48765000h
My name is Musabbeh and my English teacher thinks I'm the best student, but I know he is only joking. I want to work in engineering when I graduate from college. member & author ea.ca.tch|96955000h#ea.ca.tch|96955000h
I'm 19 years old and study in Sharjah Men's College in the electronics department. I have long hair with dark eyes as well as a moustache and beard. I like to study English to improve my skills and I like to play football, basketball and volleyball. member & author ea.ca.tch|74275000h#ea.ca.tch|74275000h
Saeed Ahmed
My name is Saeed and I'm 20 years old and I'm from the east coast of the UAE. My hobbies are playing football and reading. In the future, I want to work in Etisalat because it has a lot of services for the staff and they take care of you very well. member & author ea.ca.tch|71325000h#ea.ca.tch|71325000h
Saeed Yousif
I'm Saeed Yousif and I'm very shy. I'm studying at SMC. My hobbies are playing sports and also I have other skills and I'm always trying to improve them for example my leadership skills. But, one of my main interests is designing and hosting websites and I am an administrator of this wiki. member, author & administrator ea.ca.tch|19305000h#ea.ca.tch|19305000h
My name is Salem and I live in Sharjah. I like the college because I study in it and I like to sit and chat with my friends and also play with them when I have free time. In the future, I'm going to take a Higher Diploma and then a Bachelor degree. member & author ea.ca.tch|56275000h#ea.ca.tch|56275000h
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